• 12 Weeks to Better Health: Balancing Your Ten Bodies!
    with Navjit Kaur Sidhu
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    360,00 $12 Weeks to Better Health: Balancing Your Ten Bodies! (2021-09-16 | 2021-12-02)

    12-weeks to Better Health: Balancing Your Ten Bodies!

    Did you know that according to Kundalini Yoga, you have more than one body?

    You most likely identify with having a body, mind and soul; however, Yogi Bhajan taught that we have "Ten bodies" to look after and that the human body is made up of these ten bodies:

    • the physical body,
    • three mental bodies, and
    • six energy bodies. 

    The eleventh embodiment – when all ten bodies are under your direction – produces a pure state of consciousness, as Yogi Bhajan describes:

    "You have no duality, you have divine vision, and the truth flows from you. You don't have to find anything outside of you. The jewels are all in you - you are rich inside, you have satisfaction and contentment".

    According to Yoga Anatomy, the root of all disease exists first in one of these bodies before it manifests outwardly. So by strengthening and balancing the Ten Bodies, we can make ourselves healthier as well!

    Drawing on the vast collection of yoga sets and meditations from Kundalini Yoga, we'll target each of the following Ten Bodies and strengthen our way to better health! Each class will provide an overview of the "Body" being covered, its qualities, how to recognize when it is imbalanced/weak, and how to balance it with specific Kundalini Yoga Kriya, Meditation and lifestyle tips.

    1st Body - Soul Body

    The soul is the timeless body that contains our being, consciousness and personality. The other nine bodies were given to serve the soul, the real subject of life. It allows you to live from your heart.

    2nd Body - Negative Mind

    The negative mind calculates risk; it is given as a protection so that you can know how things can potentially harm you. This aspect of the mind keeps you safe from danger.

    3rd Body - Positive Mind

    The positive mind calculates benefits; it is given so you can know how things can work to your advantage. This aspect of the mind helps you to see the opportunities of any given situation.

    4th Body - Neutral Mind

    The neutral mind evaluates risk and benefit; it is given so you can recognize how things relate to time and space. This aspect of the mind allows you to assess the inputs of both the negative and positive minds to determine an action which best serves your soul.

    5th Body - Physical Body

    This is your physical form where the other nine bodies play; it is given to share feelings and emotions. It is your temple for this lifetime.

    6th Body - Arcline

    The arcline is the halo around you that guides and controls your aura; it is given as an energetic shield, a protection. It is the nucleus of your aura, your projection and intuition.

    7th Body - Aura

    The aura protects you from other people's negativity, and gives you sensitivity to your environment; it is given so that you can reflect yourself. It is the electromagnetic that surrounds your body and acts as a container for your life force energy (prana).

    8th Body - Pranic Body

    The pranic body gives life to the physical body and is connected to it through the breath; it is given so you have energy to live and provide action.

    9th Body - Subtle Body

    The subtle body gives the capacity to learn quickly; it is given so you can understand the nuances of life.

    10th Body - Radiant Body

    The radiant body's magnetic attraction gives you courage; it is given so you can influence and prosper. It gives you spiritual radiance, nobility and courage to face your life and all of its challenges.


    Each week, you'll learn a whole lot about your physical and energetic bodies. We will do specific yoga poses, breathwork and meditations to help support the function of each Body, identify strengths and weakness as well as awaken your body's own healing capacities!

    "If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole universe will be in balance with you." - Yogi Bhajan

    • 7:00pm-8:30pm, Thursdays
    • September 16 - December 2
    • 12 weeks
    • $360 +HST

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